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Published Book Reviews

Al-Hassan, Ahmad Y.: "Studies in Al-Kimiyax: Critical Issues in Latin and Arabic Alchemy and Chemistry" (Georg Olms, Hildesheim, 2009), HYLE 16-2 (2010), pp. 130-134, by Gabriele Ferrario.

Allhoff, Fritz et al. (eds.): "Nanoethics. The ethical and social implications of nanotechnology" (Wiley, Hoboken, NJ, 2007), HYLE 14-1 (2008), pp. 53-57, by Armin Grunwald.

Baird, Davis: "Thing Knowledge: A Philosophy of Scientific Instruments", (University of California Press, Berkeley, 2004), HYLE 11-1 (2005), pp. 97-99 , by Joseph C. Pitt.

Ball, Philip: "Elegant Solutions: Ten Beautiful Experiments in Chemistry" (The Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge, UK, 2005), HYLE 12-1 (2006), pp. 157-159, by Joachim Schummer.

Barkan, Diana: "Walther Nernst and the Transition to Modern Physical Science", (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 1999), HYLE 6-1 (2000), pp. 177-181, by Peter J. Ramberg.

Barkan, Paul (ed.): "Chemical Research – 2000 and Beyond: Challenges and Visions" (Oxford University Press, New York-Oxford 1998), HYLE 5-2 (1999), pp. 168-170, by Joachim Schummer.

Bensaude-Vincent, Bernadette: "Éloge du Mixte. Matériaux nouveaux et philosophie ancienne" (Hachette, Paris 1998), HYLE 5-1 (1999), pp. 161-163, by Nikos Psarros.

Bensaude-Vincent, Bernadette & Bruno Bernardi (eds.): "Jean-Jacques Rousseau et la chimie" (Paris 1999), HYLE 7-2 (2001), pp. 169-172, by Giuseppe Del Re.

Bensaude-Vincent, Bernadette & Eastes, R.-E. (eds.), "Philosophie de la Chimie" (Paris, 2020), HYLE 27 (2021), (pp. 143-146), by Sarah Hijmans.

Beretta, Marco: "Imaging a Career in Science: The Iconography of Antoine Laurent Lavoisier", (Science History Publications, Canton MA, 2001), HYLE 9-1 (2003), pp. 119-120,by Peter Morris.

Beretta, Marco (ed.), "Lavoisier in Perspective" (Deutsches Museum, München 2005), HYLE 11-2 (2005), pp. 167-168, by Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent.

Berson, Jerome A.: "Chemical Discovery and the Logicians' Program. A Problematic Pairing" (Wiley-VCH, Weinheim, 2003), HYLE 10-1 (2004), pp. 55-57, by Pierre Laszlo.

Boantza, Victor D.: "Matter and Method in the Long Chemical Revolution" (Ashgate, Farnham, 2013), HYLE 20-1 (2014), pp. 193-196, by John G. McEvoy.

Brown, Theodore L.: "Making Truth. Metaphors in Science" ( University of Illinois Press, Champaign, IL, 2003), HYLE 10-1 (2004), pp. 47-51, by Pierre Laszlo.

Burbidge, John W.: "Real Process. How Logic and Chemistry Combine in Hegel's Philosophy", (University of Toronto Press, Toronto 1996), HYLE 6-1 (2000), pp. 175-177, by Ulrich Ruschig.

Bhushan, Nalini & Stuart Rosenfeld (eds.): "Of Minds and Molecules. New Philosophical Perspectives on Chemistry" (Oxford UP, New York 2000), HYLE 8-1 (2002), pp. 74-76, by Joachim Schummer.

Cerruti, Luigi: "Bella e potente: La chimica del novecento fra scienza e società" (Ed. Riuniti, Roma 2003), HYLE 11-2 (2005), pp. 169-171, by Giovanni Villani.

Chang, Hasok: "Is Water H2O? Evidence, Pluralism and Realism", (Springer, Dordrecht 2012), HYLE 19-2 (2013), pp. 185-188, by Joachim Schummer.

Christie, Maureen: "The Ozone Layer: a Philosophy of Science Perspective", (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge 2001), HYLE 8-2 (2002),  pp. 138-140, by Joachim Schummer.

Crawford, Elisabeth: "Arrhenius: From Ionic Theory to the Greenhouse Effect", (Science History Publications, Canton MA 1996), HYLE 6-1 (2000), pp. 177-181, by Peter J. Ramberg.

Debus, Allen G.: "Chemistry and Medical Debate: van Helmont to Boerhaave", (Science History Publications, Canton MA 2001), HYLE 8-2 (2002), pp. 131-134, by Guido Giglioni.

DeLanda, Manuel: "Philosophical Chemistry: Genealogy of a Scientific Field", (Bloomsbury, London, 2015), HYLE 21-1 (2015), pp. 65-67, by Joachim Schummer.

Earley, Joseph E. (ed.): "Chemical Explanation: Characteristics Development, Autonomy" (New York Academy of Science 2003), HYLE 10-2 (2004), pp. 179-181, by Shawn B. Allin.

Ede, Andrew: "The Rise and Decline of Colloid Science in North America, 1900-1935: The Neglected Dimension" (Ashgate, Aldershot, 2007), HYLE 14-1 (2008), pp. 62-64, by Stephen J. Weininger.

Fleischhacker, W. & T. Schönfeld (eds.): "Pioneering Ideas for the Physical and Chemical Sciences. Josef Loschmidt’s Contributions and Modern Developments in Structural Organic Chemistry, Atomistics, and Statistical Mechanics" (Plenum Press, New York, 1997), HYLE 7-1 (2001), pp. 75-77, by Luigi Cerruti.

Gavroglu, Kostas & Ana Simões: "Neither Physics nor Chemistry: A History of Quantum Chemistry" (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA & London, 2012), HYLE 18-1 (2012), pp. 91-94, by Brian T. Sutcliffe.

Greer, Sandra C. : "Elements of Ethics for Physical Scientists" (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2017), HYLE 24-1 (2018), pp. 97-100, by Janet D. Stemwedel.

Görs, Britta: "Chemischer Atomismus. Anwendung, Veränderung, Alternativen im deutschsprachigen Raum in der zweiten Hälfte des 19. Jahrhunderts",  (ERS-Verlag, Berlin 1999), HYLE 6-1 (2000), pp. 187-188, by Klaus Ruthenberg.

Heine, Hartwig; Mautz, Rüdiger & Rosenbaum, Wolf: "Öffnung der Wagenburg? Antworten von Chemiemanagern auf ökologische Kritik" (Ed. Sigma, Berlin 1995), HYLE 3 (1997), pp. 109-110, by Joachim Schummer.

Herdewijn, Piet & M. Volkan Kisakürek (eds.): "Origin of Life: Chemical Approach" (VCHA, Zürich & Wiley-VCH, Weinheim 2008), HYLE 15-1 (2009), pp. 53-56, by George B. Kauffman.

Hettema, Hinne: "Reducing Chemistry to Physics: Limits, Models, Consequences" (Groningen, 2012), HYLE 19-1 (2013), pp. 135-137, by Olimpia Lombardi.

Hoffmann, Roald: "The Same and Not the Same" (Columbia University Press, New York 1995), HYLE 3 (1997), pp. 107-109, by Joachim Schummer.

Holmes, Frederic L. & Trevor H. Levere (eds.) "Instruments and Experimentation in the History of Chemistry", (MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2000), HYLE 9-1 (2003), pp. 120-123, by Shawn B. Allin.

Homburg, E.; Travis, A.S. & Schröter, H.G. (eds.): The Chemical Industry in Europe, 1850-1914: Industrial Growth, Pollution, and Professionalization"  (Kluwer, Dordrecht 1998), HYLE 5-2 (1999), pp. 164-165, by Harry E. Pence.

Janich, P. & Psarros, N. (eds.): "The Autonomy of Chemistry. 3rd Erlenmeyer-Colloquy for the Philosophy of Chemistry", (Königshausen & Neumann, Würzburg 1998), HYLE 5-2 (1999), pp. 166-168, by Jaap van Brakel.

Karachalios, Andreas: "I chimici di fronte al fascismo. Il caso di Gio-vanni Battista Bonino (1899-1985)" (Istituto Gramsci Siciliano, Palermo, 2001), HYLE 10-1 (2004), pp. 58-60, by Luigi Cerruti.

Knight, David & Helge Kragh (eds.): "The Making of the Chemist: The Social History of Chemistry in Europe 1789-1914" (Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1998), HYLE 6-2 (2000), pp. 191-193, by Frank A.J.L. James.

Kovac, Jeffrey: "The Ethical Chemist: Professionalism and Ethics in Science", second edition (Oxford University Press, New York, NY, 2018), HYLE 26-1 (2020), pp. 79-82, by Janet D. Stemwedel

Kurashov, Vladimir I.: "History and Philosophy of Chemistry" (in Russian, KDU, Moscow, 2009), HYLE 16-2 (2010), pp. 121-125, by Vitaly Gorokhov.

Laycock, Henry: "Words without Objects" (Clarendon Press, Oxford, 2006), HYLE 13-1 (2007), pp. 63-65, by Paul Needham.

Lembert, A. & Schenkel, E. (eds.): "The Golden Egg: Alchemy in Art and Literature" (Galda & Wilch, Berlin & Cambridge MA, 2002), HYLE 9-2 (2003) pp. 219-224, by Gavin Parkinson.

Lesch, John E. (ed.): "The German Chemical Industry in the Twentieth Century", (Kluwer, Dordrecht 2000), HYLE 8-2 (2002), pp. 135-137, by Harry E. Pence.

Leslie, Esther: "Synthetic Worlds x Nature, Art and the Chemical Industry" (Reaktion Books, London, 2005), HYLE 16-2 (2010), pp. 126-129, by Sophia Efstathiou.

Levit, George S.: "Biogeochemistry – Biosphere – Noosphere: The Growth of the Theoretical System of Vladimir Ivanovich Vernadsky" (Verlag für Wissenschaft und Bildung, Berlin, 2001), HYLE 10-1 (2004), pp. 61-62, by Petr Rezvykh.

Lundgren, Anders  & Bernadette Bensaude-Vincent (eds.): "Communicating Chemistry. Textbooks and their Audiences" (Science History Publications, Canton MA 2000), HYLE 7-2 (2001), pp. 172-174, by Maurice Crosland.

Maar, Juergen Heinrich: "Pequena História da Química" [A Short History of Chemistry] (Editora Papa-Livro, Florianópolis, 1999), HYLE 7-1 (2001), pp. 69-71, by Ana Simões & Ana Carneiro.

Marino, G. (ed.): "Atti del V Convegno Nazionale di Storia e Fondamenti della Chimica" (Acc. Naz. d. Scienze, Roma 1994), HYLE 2 (1996), pp. 14-15, by Joachim Schummer.

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Moran, Bruce T.: "Distilling Knowledge. Alchemy, Chemistry, and the Scientific Revolution" (Harvard University Press, Cambridge, MA, 2005), HYLE 12-1 (2006), pp. 149-153, by Vladimír Karpenko.

Moran, Bruce T.: "Andreas Libavius and the Transformation of Alchemy", (Science History Publications, Sagamore Beach MA 2007 ), HYLE 15-1 (2009), pp. 47-49, by Jole Shackelford.

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