ISSN 1433-5158
Volume 3, 1997
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Table of Contents


Roald Hoffmann, Barry K. Carpenter (Ithaca, USA), Vladimir I. Minkin (Rostov-on-Don, Russia):

"Ockham's Razor and Chemistry"  [PDF] (pp.3-28)

Klaus Mainzer (Augsburg, Germany):

"Symmetry and Complexity - Fundamental Concepts of Research in Chemistry" [PDF] (pp. 29-49)

Giuseppe Del Re (Napoli, Italy):

"Technology and the Spirit of Alchemy" [PDF] (pp. 51-63)

Daniel Rothbart (Fairfax, USA), Irmgard Scherer (Baltimore, USA):

"Kant's Critique of Judgment and the Scientific Investigation of Matter" [PDF] (pp. 65-80)

Joachim Schummer (Karlsruhe, Germany):

"Challenging Standard Distinctions between Science and Technology: The Case of Preparative Chemistry"  [PDF] (pp. 81-94)

F. Michael Akeroyd (Bradford, UK):

"Conceptual Aspects of Theory Appraisal: Some Biochemical Examples" [PDF] (pp. 95-102)

Special Series: Short Biographies of Philosophizing Chemists

Friedrich Adolf Paneth   (by Klaus Ruthenberg) [PDF] (pp. 103-106)


Inherent Tensions of Chemistry, review of: R. Hoffmann, The Same and Not the Same, New York 1995 (by Joachim Schummer) [PDF] (pp. 107-109)

Chemistry Managers Coping with Environmentalist's Criticism, review of: H. Heine, R. Mautz, Öffnung der Wagenburg? Antworten von Chemiemanagern auf ökologische Kritik, Berlin 1995 (by Joachim Schummer) [PDF] (pp. 109-110)


International Paper Symposium on the Philosophy of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ilkley, U.K., July 7-10, 1997 (by Klaus Ruthenberg)  [pdf]

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