Publishing Concept

In small fields like the history and philosophy of chemistry, the interests of commercial publishers considerably differ from the interests of the scholarly community. Important books, if having a chance at all to get published, are printed in small numbers of copies with large delay and sold at such expensive prices that only a handful libraries can afford to buy them, resulting in the smallest possible dissemination. In addition, authors are frequently required to pay horrendous amounts to publishers and to provide camera ready copies of their work. In such an absurd situation, it is overdue that scholary societies and institutions recognize the responsibility of publication, the more as they have all or even much better facilities in their hands to do that.

HYLE PUBLICATIONS, the publisher of the HYLE journal since 1995, takes over the responsibility for publishing high quality books in the history and philosophy of chemistry free of charge for both readers and authors.

By making availabe complete books for free, authors have the widest possible dissemination of their works they can think of. Since all books are fully indexed by and directly accessible from the major search engines, they become part of the worldwide electronic encyclopedia.

By publishing the books at the HYLE website, with over 20,000 hits per month, and by announcing new books in the HYLE journal, authors can be assured that every colleague in the history and philosophy of chemistry, as well as many other philosophers, chemists and historians of science, take notice of their work.

Electronic production and publication reduces the publication time to a couple of weeks and allows for as many color illustrations as the topic requires.

Based on the long experience of publishing the HYLE journal and a large network of referees, HYLE books meet the highest scholarly quality standards. For, unlike commercial publishers, we are not under pressure to publish a minimum number of books every year.