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Using the Navigation Bar

HYLE website provides a wealth of information. The easiest way to navigate is by opening the Navigation Bars at the top of your screen and then select the items you are looking for. (If you do not see the bars at the top, click here to open them.) The top left bar provides general information about and access to the journal, information for readers and for authors. The top right bar helps you navigate through the various scholarly services we offer. 

Once the navigation bars are open, they will remain at the top of your screen for your assistance as long as you browse through our website, unless you select "Close Navigation Bar" at the bottom of the list. 

Note that your browser must support frames and javascript. 


Browsing and Searching

If you do not use the Navigation Bar, we recommend you to start with the HYLE homepage. Whether or not you open the Navigation Bar, you will find many other facilities that help you navigate through a large site.
  • The orange colored link bar at the top of all cover pages directs you to many main pages.
  • The Site Map provides a complete overview of all pages and their structure.
  • Search HYLE allows you to search phrases on the whole website (or parts of it).
  • Our Index of Authors gives a complete alphabetical listing of authors and their papers. Specific listings are also available for book review, conference reports, and biographies.

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