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Call for Papers: Special Issue on 'Ethics of Chemistry'
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HYLE invites papers for a special issue on

Ethics of Chemistry

(deadline: May 31, 2001)

The topic ‘ethics of chemistry’ is meant in a broad sense including the two interrelated perspectives of professional ethics and general philosophical ethics. Regarding the chemical community as a part of larger society, then both the particular values of the chemical community as such and their relations to general societal values are at issue. The word 'values' should be taken in its broadest sense to include both professional and societal ideals not ordinarily considered in moral theory. Thus, in this special issue we wish to contribute to a better understanding of the values of chemistry and their relation to general values, i.e. the place of chemistry in the society.

We welcome studies in both descriptive and normative ethics. Descriptive approaches should be based on generally accepted methods (e.g., sociological, psychological, phenomenological, linguistical, hermeneutical, historiographical methods, etc.); case studies are particularly encouraged. Normative approaches should clearly point out which normative principles of philosophical ethics are presupposed.

The focus of this special issue is on chemistry, including subfields and related fields such as biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, chemical engineering, etc. Many of the publicly debated moral issues of science are strongly related to chemistry, though frequently located in interdisciplinary fields and sometimes associated with other disciplines such as biology or medicine. Papers on these interdisciplinary fields should make clear, by methodological or historical reasoning, in what sense the issues belong to chemistry and in what sense not. Moreover, a distinction should be made between chemistry as a science or research activity and the chemical industry as an economic institution. Papers should be on the former, which does not exclude that it takes place in or is influenced by the latter.

Contributions may deal with one or several topics of the following (not exclusive) list. The list is divided up according to the two mains strands of ethics of science, but papers may also combine the two themes as appropriate.

Professional Ethics

Chemistry and Society

Manuscripts should follow the general Guidelines for Contributions, available on the inside cover of HYLE and the HYLE web site. Submissions should be received not later than May 31, 2001 in appropriate form for anonymous reviews. Send papers and inquiries regarding suitability of submissions etc. to the Editor.

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