HYLE--International Journal for Philosophy of Chemistry, Vol. 3 (1997)

Concise Reports on Pertinent Events

International Paper Symposium on the Philosophy of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Ilkley, U.K., July 7-10, 1997

Close to the beautiful Yorkshire Dales located at the picturesque Ilkley Campus of Bradford and Ilkley Community College, an international group of chemists, philosophers and chemist-philosophers met for a second time since 1994, again initialized and perfectly organized by Michael F. Akeroyd (Bradford). Eleven persons from seven countries attended the symposium and the following papers were presented:

In a very stimulating and productive atmosphere, all contributions were discussed in detail in and off the sessions. During a business meeting the so far informal International Society for the Philosophy of Chemistry (ISPC) was given a formal constitution. While all activities in the pertinent field shall be supported, the forthcoming journal Foundations of Chemistry, founded by Eric Scerri and Bill Jensen, was decided to become the official organ of the Society.

The next international conference of the ISPC will be held at Cambridge, UK, August 3-7, 1998.

Information on and application forms for membership of the ISPC are available via the following e-mail addresses: Daniel Rothbart: drothbar@wpgate.gmu.edu; Eric Scerri: scerri@hss.caltech.edu; Klaus Ruthenberg: ruthenberg@cris.fh-coburg.de.

Klaus Ruthenberg.